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Jane Holwerda

Jane Holwerda

HPPR Radio Readers Book Leader

Jane Holwerda: Admittedly, I am somewhat of a newbie to the High Plains having lived her for only a couple of decades but in that time, I’ve driven to numerous small communities. Traveling has given me a deep appreciation for the vastness of the High Plains as well as its beauty – the muted palette, the skies – cloudy or clear--the panorama and for its temperamental weather. More importantly, I’ve learned to ask, not “how many miles is that,” but “how many hours is that?” I’m currently VP for Academics Dodge City Community College, where I formerly chaired the English Department. I hold a doctorate in American Studies from Saint Louis University (Missouri) and have published short fiction, essays and poetry in various journals and anthologies, including Cottonwood, Hurricane Review, MacGuffin, Red River Review, Sou’wester, South Loop Review, The Langdon Review; Guilty Pleasures, Out of Line, and Elegant Rage. For the purposes of the book discussion, I want you to know that I’m just like you – a person who loves reading.

  • Hello, Radio Readers! I’m Jane Holwerda from Dodge City, Kansas, and I’ve been reading and thinking about Elmer Kelton’s novel The Time It Never Rained, set in 1950’s West Texas. Kelton himself grew up on a ranch near Midland, Texas but didn’t feel he was suited for ranch life.
  • Hello and welcome, Radio Readers to 2024! For this year’s Spring Read we’ve lined up some great reads on the subject of water.
  • Hello, Radio Readers! I’m Jane Holwerda from Dodge City, Kansas. I’ve been sitting with the words and imagery of Ada Limon, a poet who calls both Sonoma, California and Lexington, Kentucky home. The Hurting Kind is her 6th collection of poetry over 20 years.
  • Hello, Radio Readers. I’m Jane Holwerda from Dodge City, Kansas, enjoying the gestalt of Christopher McDougall’s Running with Sherman: The Donkey with the Heart of a Hero. A journalist and marathoner, McDougall is a self-described city boy who moved with his family off the grid to Pennsylvania Amish country.
  • Hello, Radio Readers. I’m Jane Holwerda from Dodge City, Kansas, ruminating on Richard Powers’ 2021 Bewildered, a work of fiction currently pushing my thinking on the scope of nature and the natural world.
  • Hello, Radio Readers – I’m Jane Holwerda from Dodge City, Kansas – and you know why I’m here –to shout out our 2023 Fall Read, which starts now! Our theme, “Wisdom of the Natural World,” resonates for us, right? Living and working on the High Plains, surrounded by, at times immersed in, the phenomena of the physical world – plants, animals, weather, landscapes.
  • Hello, Radio Readers! I’m Jane Holwerda for High Plains Public Radio. About our 2023 Summer Read. You know, every week in June and through most of July, Radio Readers have talked about books worthy of sharing, and now we have an incredible book list. Do you have time for one more recommendation?
  • Hello, Radio Readers! I’m Jane Holwerda for High Plains Public Radio. And guess what? The 2nd Annual High Plains Public Radio Radio Readers Summer Read kicks off Monday, June 4, with 75 book bytes from Radio Readers throughout HPPR’s region.
  • Tune in for an intimate discussion of the books covered during the 2023 Spring Read, LIVE ON AIR with several book leaders and HPPR Radio Readers BookByte contributors. Hosted by Kathleen Holt, this event will take place in Garden City, KS at HPPR's studio and headquarters.
  • The HPPR Radio Readers Book Club’s 2023 Spring Read – In Touch with the World ends on Sunday, May 7, 2023, with a two-hour, live book discussion. Since January, 27 contributors have posted 51 Radio Readers BookBytes covering 23 books from 14 countries.