Amarillo College Faculty—LIVE on High Plains Morning

Feb 7, 2018

Sometimes, one's morning radio show gets REALLY CLASSY when classical performance musicians show up with instruments and an amp. And thankfully, "sometimes" was today!

High Plains Morning thanks our esteemed partners at Amarillo College for the live, in-studio mini-concert on High Plains Morning. It was our pleasure to host Camille Day Nies (viola), Tiffany McDaniel (violin), and Dr. Diego Caetano (piano).   

You can see all three of them, as well as many others, perform THIS SATURDAY NIGHT (February 10th, 2018) at Amarillo College's Faculty Recital & Art Exhibition at the Washington Street Campus. The art starts at 5p; the student music begins at 5:30; and the faculty recital takes off at 6p. 

Check out the video of these three masters performing live in our tiny studio.  For the in-studio performance audio, please click the link below.