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Congratulations, Interns!: HPPR Honors Amarillo Students

Cameron Plumley shows off his favorite music, and Jennifer Ugalde shows off what a big heart she has.

While we know you tune in for the news and music, High Plains Public Radio puts the education of our student interns at the tippy-top of our priority list. Today, HPPR is honored to announce the graduation of our three Amarillo-area interns: Isabelle Link (Amarillo College), Cameron Plumley (Amarillo High School), and Jennifer Ugalde (Tascosa High School). These brilliant, driven students have shown HPPR’s staff and partners that the future of the High Plains is in very good hands. We thank them for showing up, putting in focused effort to advance the station’s mission, and maintaining the most cheerful dispositions despite balancing school, gainful employment, and a global pandemic. We love you, interns. Congratulations, and thank you for all you have done for public radio on the High Plains!