Let Them Eat Grass: Lyal Strickland on High Plains Morning!

Oct 24, 2016

Lyal Strickland on his farm

Some people just don't know when to quit -- and for that, HPPR is thankful.

With more than 100 head of grass-fed cattle on his family farm in Buffalo, Missouri, you'd think Lyal Strickland wouldn't be tooling around the country with his guitar. However, you'd be incorrect. This guy loves pushing the logical boundaries of how much HARD WORK a human can handle, and then handle it all, he does.

Currently touring for his 8th album, Preservation, Lyal stopped into the HPPR studio in Amarillo to play a live set on High Plains Morning. We discussed a lot, including how he found his voice while writing what he knows: the challenges of small-town life and keeping what matters in the forefront. He also gave us insight into the ever-changing farming industry, as well as balancing his responsibilities to Strickland Legacy Farms with his family and music career. (Hey, we got DEEP.)

Thanks so much to Lyal for popping in on his way back to the farm! Check out the new release, and keep tuning into High Plains Morning to hear it on rotation. We hope you'll agree that his music inspires the community values and relationships we hold dear on the High Plains.

Travel home safely, Mr. Strickland!