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High Plains Morning is a long-standing tradition at HPPR. A daily mix of singer-songwriters, folk, jazz, Americana, world, reggae, bluegrass, rock and just about anything else that you can think of. Add a few live in-studio performances, interviews with community partners, and news from NPR + regional weather at the top of every hour, and you have a great way to move through your morning!

If you'd like to submit music for consideration, please mail a CD and one-sheet to: Jenny Inzerillo, Music Director, High Plains Public Radio, 104 SW 6th Ave., Suite B4, Amarillo, TX, 79101. (Please allow one month for processing, and then feel free to check the status of your submission by emailing music@hppr.org.)

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This week, High Plains Morning welcomed John Erickson, author of the series of 73 Hank the Cowdog books. (Yes, all of them!) He’s been at it for 37 years now, and he just released a new book: Finding Hank. It’s a large-scale hardback, fully illustrated, and marks a departure from the standard Hank books.

As we move into the season of steaming casseroles full of hearty vegetable side dishes, I thought it would be a fine time to bring up a common misconception regarding one of my favorite tubers: the  confounding sweet potato. Some call them yams, but is that correct? How are they different, and are they even "potatoes" at all? Listen up, and we'll peel back the myths about these starchy staples. I'll even share some personal history with sweet potato delights from my childhood and California cafes.

HPPR is thrilled to present the hometown release of 7th full-length album from Texas singer-songwriter, Susan Gibson. Catch her LIVE in concert in celebration of her new CD, The Hard Stuff. Don't miss your hometown, High Plains hero, SUSAN GIBSON. Please RSVP here….and please bring friends! We'll have a blast.

Here's the full interview from High Plains Morning!

We were happy to welcome back Kara Word, Director of Development at The Parc, to High Plains Morning this week to remind folks that this Saturday night, November 16th, they’ll host the 5th annual one-of-a-kind art show fundraiser,

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, you are invited to a live event featuring Jim McLean, host of the award-winning podcast My Fellow Kansans, in Dodge City, KS. 

This one will take place at the Depot Theater Company, 101 E. Wyatt Earp Blvd., Ste. 201. in Dodge City, KS. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and the event runs from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Refreshments provided by the Depot. 

What’s better than walking upstairs and seeing a team of  Clydesdales tromping up Polk Street just outside of HPPR’s Amarillo studio? The answer: not much! We were thrilled to witness the exhibition of the Budweiser Clydesdales, on parade for the WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo. Thanks to Beth Duke, Executive Director at Center City of Amarillo, for letting us know. On Nov. 6, we were able to catch a few great shots. We hope you enjoy them! 

Well, it's November, and the High Plains is well aware. Across our region, we've seen several episodes of the predictably unpredictable weather shenanigans we've all come to expect. Just in the last few weeks, we've seen the weather whip from blizzard conditions to the sunny 70s. But thankfully, we've just received our 2020 copy of The Old Farmer's Almanac. They're predicting a "polar coaster," this year, so buckle up! 

Folks in the TX Panhandle, don’t miss Ronny Cox, LIVE in concert, at Chalice Abbey (2717 Stanley, Amarillo) this Thursday night from 7p to 9p. The set will feature Ronny’s music, with help from his bandmates, Rad Lorkovic & Tom “Panda” Ryan. Relax for some fabulous folk from these traveling troubadours. It’s a $15 suggested donation, so come on out – and bring friends!

Hey, Garden City! This just in : catch Kansas folksinger Sky Smeed LIVE in concert on THURSDAY, Nov. 14th at Garden City Community College’s Beth Tedrow Student Center Portico at 7:30 PM. It’s free and open to the public, so come on by. (Donations are accepted, though!)

It's Halloween, so let's talk about some plants that crave the blood and flesh of insects over the mandatory nutrients of the soil. We'll take this topic out of the dark, since they prefer bright sunshine. I'll share some tips on watering, planting, and tending to your own "CPs," so you can host a leigon of living flytraps on your own window sill. 

HPPR is thrilled to present the hometown release of 7th full-length album from Texas singer-songwriter, Susan Gibson. Catch her LIVE in concert in celebration of her new CD, The Hard Stuff. Don't miss your hometown, High Plains hero, SUSAN GIBSON. Please RSVP here….and please bring friends! We'll have a blast.

SUSAN GIBSON – Album Release Party!

SATURDAY, November 16th

Live in Amarillo @ The Rockin' OT

(3100 SW 6th Ave.)

Thanks so much to Guli Manfredi of WTAMU and Isannah Gonzales of Chamber Music Amarillo for stopping by High Plains Morning today to chat about the 3rd classical concert for CMA’s 22nd season: The Heroic Journey of Life!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out to Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast for Curtis McMurtry & Diana Burgess, live at HPPR's Living Room Concert Series. Seriously, folks. YOU ARE HIGH PLAINS HEROES for braving the snow to support these wonderful artists. (Texas, tried and true!) If you missed it, here's their on-air set from High Plains Morning, which they stopped in for just before hitting the road to New Mexico.

High Plains Public Radio wants to thank everyone who participated in the Postcards from the High Plains gallery exhibition featuring artwork from talented donors and listeners from across our five-state region—as well as all our community partners, sponsors, hosts, and supporters. Your generosity, passion and dedication is what fuels public radio on the High Plains. From everyone at your public radio station, THANK YOU! 

THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, poets of the Texas Panhandle need to come to 575 Pizzeria (7710 Hillside Road) for the HAIKU DEATH MATCH! This is the 2nd annual event, and Dr. Daniel Helbert (WTAMU) and Brian Kelleher (575 Pizzeria) stopped by High Plains Morning to spread the word.

Today's Growing on the High Plains will consider the brave, berry-beaked birds of the High Plains and their service to gardens big and small. Many don't think about planting to attract these natural pest controllers, but our winged friends are more than happy to nest and rest among a hospitable home with a berry buffet. We'll discuss the benefits of well-planned berry brambles and bushes, not to mention fruit trees to which the feathered often flock.  

Don't miss your chance to TAKE A CHANCE on The Abba Show: A Tribute. High Plains Public Radio has a few more VIP PACKAGES available, starting on Monday, Oct. 28th. Just call with your pledge of $300 to get in on this Abba-fabulous deal. Dancing queens, spread the word. Call 1.800.678.7444 during High Plains Morning (9a-12p CT) on Monday, and snag your set. Only a few remain! Spread the word -- they'll go fast. Thank you for supporting public radio!

Thanks so much to Joyce Knight for stopping by High Plains Morning today to share information about the upcoming Beans & Cornbread Luncheon, created in 1997, is a kick off for the Interfaith Campaign for the Homeless (ICH).  ICH proceeds go to local agencies that serve those who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It’s based on the reality that one may have to sustain on a meal of “beans and cornbread.” 

22nd Annual Beans & Cornbread Luncheon

Grammy Award-winning bluegrass outfit  STEEP CANYON RANGERS are playing the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 7:30pm—and HPPR has two PRESALE TICKETS to give away on Wednesday morning during High Plains Morning. Tune in for information about how to win.

Today's edition of Growing on the High Plains dives into endive, slams into spinach, and ravishes the elusive radicchio! Plus, we'll take a sweet, sidelong glance at the family of bitter greens.

From their origins as rustic staples growing wild on the countryside, some of these would-be weeds can taste a touch like lawn clippings. Some have a kick, and others have a pucker, which can "leaf" you with a grimace. But if you prepare them with the right amount of salt, fat, and spice, they can be fare fit for a high-end, farm-to-table gourmet restaurant.

"We are stardust. We are golden. We are million-year-old carbon...." and hey, maaaaaaan, we're GIVING AWAY two 50th Anniversary collections during our Fall Membership Campaaaaaaaign! (Pledge now! It's groovy.)

HPPR is thrilled to present the hometown release of 7th full-length album from Texas singer-songwriter, Susan Gibson. Catch her LIVE in concert in celebration of her new CD, The Hard Stuff. Don't miss your hometown, High Plains hero, SUSAN GIBSON. Please RSVP here….and please bring friends! We'll have a blast.

THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, come to the church of FOLK MUSIC with your friends at HPPR as we present The Brother Brothers, LIVE IN CONCERT! This show will benefit HPPR's live music programming during out October Membership Campaign. 

Missed the show? Hear their LIVE, IN-STUDIO performance on High Plains Morning, recorded after their show! 


The Brother Brothers—LIVE IN AMARILLO

I always knew their song, but didn't quite have the name right. I'm talking about cicadas—not "locusts"—as this is the proper name for these creatures. Their presence takes me back to my Oklahoma childhood, so today we'll discuss their quirky existence, remarkable life cycle, and striking appearance. Without the humidity or tree cover, our High Plains homes don't always hear (or see) these insects setting up camp. On today's installment of the show, I'll meet their resounding poetics with proper poetry.

Amarillo’s own sustainability advocate Tim Ingalls of the Tecovas Foundation stopped by High Plains Morning to share more about a free lecture he’s co-hosting on the Small Scale Development Movement with Kevin Shepherd. It’s this Thursday, October 3rd from 7pm to 9pm at the Amarillo College Downtown Campus (1314 S. Polk, Amarillo).

Thanks so much to Mary Bralley of Los Barrios de Amarillo for stopping by High Plains Morning to remind folks in the area that the annual Hispanic Heritage Luncheon is happening TODAY, October 2nd from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at the Wesley Community Center (1615 S. Roberts, Amarillo). The event celebrates the many communities of Hispanic/Latinx heritage living in the Amarillo area, and it features keynote speaker Dr. Elsa Diego-Medrano .

Unrelenting mid-September heat didn't stop crowds from enjoying the 20th Annual AMERICANAFEST® 2019 held city-wide in Nashville last week. Acts from around the globe descended on storied venues and new spaces alike, all of which hosted artists in celebration of Americana and folk music. 

Don’t miss Postcards from the High Plains, a juried exhibition to benefit High Plains Public Radio during our Fall Membership Campaign. The opening reception will take place Thursday, October 17th from 6–8:30 PM at the Cerulean Gallery (814 S. Taylor St.) in Amarillo. Proceeds from the sale of all donated artwork will benefit the programming you hear on HPPR.

The perfect pear can taste like heaven, so it's no surprise that the ancients thought it had a divine origin. Though taking on a fruit tree can be tricky business in our fickle zones, you CAN grow healthy pears on the High Plalins. 

Today, Portland based soul/Americana artist Karyn Ann stopped by High Plains Morning with her friend, accompanist and producer, Mark Bowden. (A few months ago, friend of the station, Beth Wood, sent Karyn our way—and we’re so glad she did.) She’s playing in Amarillo at Starlight Canyon Bed and Breakfast (100 Brentwood Rd.) this Wednesday night, Sept. 25th; doors open at 6:30p, and the music begins at 7:00p.