Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast

So it seems not EVERY folk show has been cancelled! Thanks so some serious dedication to the arts, the fine folks at Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast (100 Brentwood Rd., Amarillo) have secured a regional folksinger, Longriver, to take the trek up from Austin and play a show in the Panhandle this Sunday night at 7pm.

This week, I was delighted to catch Adam Moe Boyd Blomberg, the “folky-tonk” duo Pushing Chain, on the phone from Austin, TX. They were getting ready to head up to Amarillo for their show TONIGHT at Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast (100 Brentwood Rd., Amarillo). Doors open at 7p, and the show starts at 7:30p.

Today was a good one, folks. Thanks so much to Jackson Grimm and Nathan Evans Fox for stopping by High Plains Morning today and serenading the HPPR region with their dear and dusty tunes, even if they were hardly caffeinated enough for live public radio.

Music lovers of the Texas Panhandle, you won't want to miss this fabulous folk concert tomorrow night. Thanks to Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast,  those of us in the Amarillo-area have a chance to see Americana singer-songwriter Stoll Vaughan, live in concert. It's a donation show, so come out for a soulful serenade in a winter wonderland.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out to Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast for Curtis McMurtry & Diana Burgess, live at HPPR's Living Room Concert Series. Seriously, folks. YOU ARE HIGH PLAINS HEROES for braving the snow to support these wonderful artists. (Texas, tried and true!) If you missed it, here's their on-air set from High Plains Morning, which they stopped in for just before hitting the road to New Mexico.

Today, Portland based soul/Americana artist Karyn Ann stopped by High Plains Morning with her friend, accompanist and producer, Mark Bowden. (A few months ago, friend of the station, Beth Wood, sent Karyn our way—and we’re so glad she did.) She’s playing in Amarillo at Starlight Canyon Bed and Breakfast (100 Brentwood Rd.) this Wednesday night, Sept. 25th; doors open at 6:30p, and the music begins at 7:00p.

In case you missed it, High Plains Morning got Ordinary Elephant on the phone from the mean streets of Georgia.


HPPR is thrilled to present the International Folk Music Awards 2017 Artist of the Year, ORDINARY ELEPHANT, LIVE in Amarillo through HPPR's Living Room Concert Series. If you tune in to High Plains Morning, you know how phenomenal Pete & Crystal's songwriting, harmonies, and meloies are. If not, check it out! This show is going to kick off Summer, so please SPREAD THE WORD!