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Pat Tyrer is the Book Leader for The Cellist of Sarajevo by Stephen Galloway, 2008 (Bosnia/ Herzegovina)


In Touch with the World begins in Bosnia/Herzegovina with Stephen Galloway’s The Cellist of Sarajevo. Answering the question of what it means to be human is complex and challenging in a city under siege. Here, a cellist takes up his instrument to honor the memories of 22 of his friends killed while waiting in a breadline. The book explores the ways in which lives are changed when one is at mortal risk when engaging in essential yet everyday tasks such as collecting water, when parents cannot protect their children, or when threat and destruction fill every day. Does war changed one’s definition or interpretation of humanity? This intense and powerful novel is inspired by a true story.

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Radio Reader Pat Tyrer (pronounced ty-REE) will serve as Book Leader for The Cellist of The Cellist of Sarajevo. Tyrer is Jenny Lind Porter Professor of English at WTAMU where she teachers creative writing, American literature and technical communication, but Pat began her career as an LPN and a Navy purchasing agent before beginning her academic career at age 40. She has published short stories, poems and essays in a variety of journals, and has published two books of poetry, Creative Hearts and Western Spaces, Western Places.

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