Kathleen Holt

Strategic Projects Coordinator / HPPR Radio Readers Book Club

Kathleen Holt has served High Plains Public Radio in one way or another since its inception in 1979.  Currently, she is Director of Strategic Projects.  She’s worked with a board committee to establish Legacy and Endowed Funds to provide for public radio into the future.  Holt’s community development projects have upgraded the signal for KCSE (Prowers County, Colorado) and established a partnership with Dodge City Community College to bring full time public radio to the area through the college station KONQ-FM, the college’s station.  Her regional programming projects include coordinating the HPPR Radio Reader Book Club and developing pending regional programs like Ad Astra: Stargazing on the High Plains, Voices of the Plains, and High Plains History. 

The 2018 Fall Read's theme is Let’s Talk – Aging, Death & Dying.  You'll find thoughts and ideas about books from Radio Readers through a series of BookBytes posted below. If you'd like to contribute a BookByte, simply contact Kathleen Holt for more information. 

Book lovers, mark your calendars! On Sunday, May 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. CST, HPPR Radio Readers invites you to a live, on-air, book discussion for the 2018 Spring Read: "WWI-Perspectives."

Don’t miss a spirited discussion of our four books with panelists from Panhandle-Plains Historical MuseumBethel College, & High Plains Public Radio + educators from across our region! The panelists will explore themes raised in the discussion of the book through contributed Radio Reader BookBytes. Plus, it will stream live on HPPR's Facebook page!

So what does HPPR Radio Readers Book Club's 2018 Spring Read have in store? 

Here's more info about all four books!