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Kathleen Holt

Coordinator, HPPR Radio Readers Book Club

Kathleen Holt has served High Plains Public Radio—in one way or another—since its inception in 1979. Currently “quasi-retired,” she volunteers as Coordinator of the HPPR Radio Readers Book Club. As a former HPPR staff member, Holt worked with a board committee to establish Legacy and Endowed Funds to provide for public radio into the future. Holt’s community development projects have upgraded the signals for many of HPPR’s translators, including KCSE (Prowers County, Colorado) and KONQ established with a partnership with Dodge City Community College to bring full time public radio to the area. “The thing I love best about the book club is re-connecting with many HPPR supporters across the High Plains, while also meeting new public radio friends across the five-state region," Holt says. "It’s not only about friends, but those friends are readers ready to explore the issues we all face living and working in our region.”