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PJ Pronger - In Memory

PJ Pronger
PJ Pronger

It is with deep sadness that we share the passing of PJ Pronger of Amarillo. PJ was a Book Leader for the 2020 Spring Read – Radio Waves and a contributor of Radio Reader BokBytes. We appreciated his insight as well as his eloquence. The HPPR Radio Readers Book Club is an on-air, on-line community of readers exploring themes of interest to those who live and work on the High Plains. We will miss PJ in that community and thank his family for sharing him with us.

PJ Pronger grew up on a ranch in Sherman County, Texas as a third-generation rancher where he lived closer to five other state capitals than to his own. He managed farming and ranching operations for many years but left that life to go to work in higher education, specializing in capital formation for young companies and working with community organizations to develop local strategies for economic development. His programs were featured in national media including the NBC Nightly News and the Wall Street Journal. PJ served as a Director for the West Texas Angel Network and the Texas Mezzanine Fund, a Dallas CDFI loan fund which provided federal New Markets Tax Credits.

His educational credentials included a BS in Agriculture and an MPA in Accounting, both from West Texas A&M and a Certificat de Langue et Civilisation Francaises from the University of Paris, Sorbonne. He also held a certificate as a Certified Internet Webmaster.

In his life, PJ received awards from a range of organizations, including: the Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation, the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Friends of 4-H, the Association of Small Business Development Centers, the U.S. Small Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi, the American Advertising Federation, the Federal Aviation Administration, Carson County Square House Museum, the Texas Department of Agriculture, and the All Texas Art Competition.


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