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Selflessly Loving It: Live In-Studio with Nik Parr

On April 20th, Nik Parr played Amarillo’s Golden Light Cantina with his band, The Selfless Lovers, but he stopped by the studio to share some stories, music, and history about himself and his band. Click the link at the top of this page to hear the full interview and in-studio set.

MORE ABOUT THE BAND (from their website): Nik Parr & The Selfless Lovers are a burn-the-stage-down piano driven rock n' roll act from Austin, Texas. Nik fronts the group as a virtuoso talent, ripping saxophone solos, playing the piano so fast his hands blur, leading his musicians and working the crowd, and if that’s no enough...he even plays both instruments at the same time. He’s a hell of a singer, too. Drawing comparisons to the old-school “frontman,” band-leaders like James Brown, Elvis, Mick Jagger & Bruce Springsteen, Nik commands the stage with stadium level presence and unbelievable musicianship. The band’s sound channels retro rock n' roll and soul appeal into something new, fresh, catchy and exciting. Some say “disco rock n' roll,” or “soul rock,'' or "southern rock funk.” It’s funky, groovy, and the kind of band that gets you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.

Parr is self taught and has played piano by ear since he was 10 years old, picking up songs by listening to his dad play piano, also by ear, and by absorbing his dad’s music collection. Nik no only writes the band’s songs, sings, plays saxophone and manages the group. He also creates all of the band’s artwork, hand-drawing and hand painting the illustrations that you see at the shows.

Nik and his band, The Selfless Lovers, have toured the country nonstop since 2018, performing around 150 shows per year. They do this independently; building fan bases all the way to Colorado, all the way up the Midwest to Kansas City and back, across the South East to the Carolinas and of course all over Texas.

Find out more on Nik Parr and the Selfless Lovers on their website.