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Texas Panhandle’s Indian Community Celebrates Diwali, The Hindu Festival Of Light

Jonathan Baker

The Indian community of the Texas Panhandle met this weekend for an evening of dancing, singing, and community. The event, held in the auditorium at Amarillo’s Caprock High School, was a celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, which is held every autumn. Children of all ages danced in traditional garb, and adults sang and danced alongside them.

The celebration was attended by Amarillo Police Chief Ed Drain, as well as Ginger Nelson, Amarillo’s mayor. In a brief speech, Nelson expressed her support for the Indian community of Amarillo. The mayor also remarked on the beauty of the young dancing women, noting their brightly colored clothes and painted hands.

The Diwali Dhamaka festival is the holiest of Hindu holidays, and it commemorates the victory of good over evil.

The Indian population in Amarillo is a vibrant community, though Indians account for less than one percent of the city’s population.