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Improved reception for Dodge City


Listeners in Dodge City can now hear a stronger High Plains Public Radio signal by tuning to 91.9 FM. This new service is possible through a cooperative arrangement with the Dodge City Community College to use its station, KONQ-FM 91.9, to rebroadcasts HPPR's programming on weekdays from midnight to 9 am and all day Saturday. During others hours KONQ continues to broadcast its regular student and Spanish language programming. 

HPPR greatly appreciates the assistance of the Dodge City Community College in making improved public radio service available in Dodge City and the surrounding Ford county area on a limited basis.  We would very much appreciate hearing from listeners about this improved service.  Please email Deb Oyler or call the HPPR studios at 800-678-7444  during business hours or leave a message after hours.