From the Aft of the Raft: Son of Town Hall—LIVE on High Plains Morning

Jun 11, 2019

Ben Parker, Jr. and David Berkeley are Son of Town Hall, seen here haunting the private salons of Amarillo, Texas.

“Ho! Ho! and up she rises / Early in the morning.” So goes the old sea shanty, “Drunken Sailor,” and so go us all on High Plains Morning. Today, we all caught a swift breeze in our sail as folk duo Son of Town Hall docked in HPPR’s main port in Amarillo. We’re so grateful for their time, sharing their story and song with everyone in our listener region.

So says the broadside Santa Fe New Mexican, "As Son of Town Hall, Santa Fe's David Berkeley and London's Ben Parker present themselves as a duo born of the high seas, where they traveled together on a raft, crafting harmonies and writing songs about wonder and woe.” These two enchant every space with their tight harmony, dancing guitar melodies, and transcendent storytelling that slips us through a portal into times gone by. They are a partnership of extremes: one man hails from the desert, while the other borne of a distant island. But together, they invite listeners on a dichotomous journey fraught with heartbreak and healing, love and loss, brotherhood and rivalry, peril and security, and ultimately human kindness that triumphs through a creative spirit whipped up by the froth of the high seas.

Hear our full interview and their performance here: