Despite Soaring Crime Rate, Most Amarilloans Feel Safe

Jun 14, 2018

Credit Justin Cozart / Wikimedia Commons

According to a new survey in Amarillo, most residents of the city feel safe.

As The Amarillo Globe-News­ reports, more than 80 percent of the survey’s respondents said they feel “somewhat safe,” “very safe” or “neutral” in Amarillo.

The number is up three percentage points over last year’s results. This, despite the fact that 85 percent of respondents believe that crime in Amarillo is either “stable,” “increasing,” or “significantly increasing.” Only 15 percent of residents who answered the survey said they believed crime was decreasing in Amarillo. When asked which issues residents believed APD should focus on, “reducing domestic violence” topped the list, with “improving traffic safety” coming in second.

The survey was made available to all Amarillo residents, with over 1,100 Amarilloans responding.

According to, Amarillo’s crime rate is 83% higher than the national average, and the rate of rapes is twice as high as the national average per 100,000 people.