Peaceful, Easy Feeling: Little Mazarn & Twain—LIVE on High Plains Morning

Apr 3, 2019

Lindsey Verrill (aka Little Mazarn; photo by Angela Betancourt) and Matt Davidson (aka Twain)

Sometimes you get an unexpected visitor on High Plains Morning, and sometimes you get two. Thankfully, today we had a couple of great ones. Thanks so much to Little Mazarn and Twain for stopping in for a sweet serenade.  They were toodlin' through Amarillo on their way home from a tour that wove them through Canada, Nevada, Arizona and other fine spaces.

Click the link below to hear the full interview and live, in-studio performance of Little Mazarn's haunting melody, "Peace Like a River." (Psst, looks like she's got a new album in the works. Pre-order that puppy.) Plus, see Twain's "Rare Feeling" live from a chilly, outdoor bench in a dreary, hazy pause. 

Safe travels to you both, and we're thrilled to share your tunes with folks across the High Plains!