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High Plains Morning's "TumbleWeek" Airs from Feb. 20-24, with Live Sets & Interviews from 2022 Tumbleweed Festival

For all you LIVE MUSIC LOVERS, we were thrilled to share the fabulous live sessions that HPPR captured last August at the Tumbleweed Festival 2022 on High Plains Morning all week from February 20th through the 24th! If you missed it, click the links below to hear the interviews and performances from the gazebo at Lee Richardson Zoo!

Beneath the wooden gazebo in Lee Richardson Zoo, HPPR captured interviews and live sets from artists headlining the Tumbleweed Festival in August of 2022—and we shared those with you on High Plains Morning throughout the week of February 20th. But in case you missed it, HERE ARE THE AUDIO LINKS! Enjoy this little slice of Tumbleweed Festival, High Plains!

For those who couldn't tune in during High Plains Morning this week, here are the links to the audio from our TumbleWeek spectacular! If you have any questions, reach out to me at jinzerillo@hppr.org. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING LIVE MUSIC ON THE HIGH PLAINS!

Plus, here's the interview with Tina Casagrand from The New Territory magazine, which featured a piece on HPPR & the Tumbleweed Festival!


LIVE PERFORMANCES + INTERVIEWS: Click links for audio of the following performers.

The Blue Canyon Boys (Denver, CO)

The Blue Canyon Boys (Denver, CO)

Ernest James Zydeco (Kansas City, MO)

Ernest James Zydeco (Kansas City, MO)

The Church Ladies (Central/Western Kansas)


John Depew (Arlington, KS)


Russ & Debbie Tidwell (Garden City, KS)


Haven Alexandra (Oklahoma/Kansas)


Taarka (Denver/Lyons, CO)


Ruth Ellen Lynch (Amarillo, TX)


Jenny Inzerillo (HPPR) & David Condos (HPPR/Kansas News Service) under the gazebo, recording TumbleWeek LIVE sessions in Aug. 2022.

ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Tune to High Plains Morning the week from February 20th through the 24th and you'll enjoy a little slice of Garden City's own Tumbleweed Festival! Recorded under the wooden gazebo in Lee Richardson Zoo, HPPR welcomed seven artists to the makeshift sound stage, lovingly configured by David Condos of the Kansas News Service. Together, we collected interviews and live sets from seven artists, including Ernest James Zydeco, Ruth Ellen Lynch, Blue Canyon Boys, The Church Ladies, John Depew, Russ & Debbie Tidwell, Haven Alexandra, and Taarka. So if you weren't there, you'll be able to enjoy some of the regional talent that made last year's fest a real treat.

Plus, I'm excited to announce that a short piece I wrote for The New Territory magazine, about the Tumbleweed Festival and HPPR, is now available in their latest issue, "Search & Find." To kick off TumbleWeek on Monday, February 20th, I'll feature an interview with Tina Casagrand, the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of the magazine. Considered the "autobiography of the Lower Midwest," the New Territory stands as a beacon for writers, photographers, and artists from the Great Plains, Ozarks, and surrounding areas — so it's very much rooted on the High Plains!

If you aren't familiar with this publication, do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT! The content truly paints our region and beyond as a place whose mystery goes as deep as its history. And if you're a creator, they're always looking for submissions!

Jenny Inzerillo joined HPPR in 2015 as the host of High Plains Morning, our live music program that airs weekdays at 9 am to noon CST. Broadcasting from KJJP in beautiful downtown Amarillo, she helps listeners wake up with inspired music from our region and beyond. Tune in for new voices in folk/Americana, deep cuts from your favorite artists, soulful tracks from singer/songwriters across the world, and toe-tapping classics dating as far back as the 1920s. Plus, discover underground greats that just might be your new favorite band.