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Publishing the Plains: Interview with Tina Casagrand of The New Territory Magazine

Tina Casagrand, Founder/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of The New Territory; the latest issue, "Search & Find," featuring HPPR & the Tumbleweed Festival in Garden City, KS.

To kick off the TumbleWeek celebration on High Plains Morning, where we feature our live-recorded performances from the 2022 Tumbleweed Festival, I interviewed Tina Casagrand of The New Territory magazine. The latest issue, "Search & Find," has a piece about HPPR and Tumbleweed Festival, as well as coverage of Jacob's Well (penned by HPPR Radio Readers Book Club's Leslie VonHolten). Tune in all week for more music, interviews, and regional shout-outs!

"Heartbreakingly real. Radically slow. Lovingly made.”
“Slow journalism. Regional literature. Photography and art.”
“For endlessly curious Midwesterners to break free from distraction and dive deep in the Great Plains and Ozarks.”

These are just a few ways The New Territory magazine describes who they are and what they do. Self described as the “Autobiography of the Lower Midwest,” this independent, biannual print magazine features editors, designers, writers, photographers, and artists that have a connection to our region. Specifically, the Great Plains and Ozarks….and that means KS, NE, OK and the surrounding area (including my home state of Missouri). So this magazine is about so much of HPPR’s broadcast coverage area! I was thrilled to chat with Tina Casagrand today, as we kicked off our TumbleWeekspecial.

Click the link at the top of this page to hear our full interview. Click hereto order a copy of the latest issue, which features HPPR and The Tumbleweed Festival. Click hereto contact Tina about submitting your story, poem, photography, etc.

MORE ABOUT THE MAGAZINE (from their website): It started with love. In 2016, throughout the Lower Midwest, editors, writers, artists and deep thinkers—optimists, all—started collecting their work in The New Territory. The book’s collaboration has grown and spread slowly and carefully over the seasons, finding its right place in the hills, plains, and bookshelves of Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas, Southern Illinois, Iowa and beyond. When it feels right, we color outside those border lines.

The New Territory is in an ever-expanding forum to do amazing things, particularly for the people who write and create here in the Lower Midwest. We have worked with more than 300 contributors, developed a proven system for consistent publication, and we are young enough and hungry enough to believe what we do can inspire a much stronger and authentic sense of regional identity.

The next step for The New Territory is to reach, foster, and nurture more people who are searching for deeper belonging amidst the geography of the Lower Midwest. Our efforts must be consistent, reliable and inclusive. We need a more dynamic revenue framework to grow the magazine’s existing opportunities and build new partnerships to carry out our vision. For these reasons, The New Territory applied for designation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in late 2022.

We know there’s something alive in this landscape that we share. We explore it with tenderness. We ask it question after question to try and understand its many faces. We want and expect the best for its future.

We try to capture the region’s essence even though we know it can’t be contained. Not by words, not by pictures. Not even by stories, into which we put so much faith. Nevertheless, we keep collecting. We keep printing.

And twice a year, when a new issue comes out, we feel incredibly honored to add to the body of regional literary journalism, fiction, poetry, art, humor and imagination. Readers tell us they think differently about places they’ve lived their whole lives. You can subscribe here and see if that holds up.

Whether you’re learning about The New Territory for the first time or have been with us from the beginning, please know we are so glad you’ve found us. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring.

Jenny Inzerillo joined HPPR in 2015 as the host of High Plains Morning, our live music program that airs weekdays at 9 am to noon CST. Broadcasting from KJJP in beautiful downtown Amarillo, she helps listeners wake up with inspired music from our region and beyond. Tune in for new voices in folk/Americana, deep cuts from your favorite artists, soulful tracks from singer/songwriters across the world, and toe-tapping classics dating as far back as the 1920s. Plus, discover underground greats that just might be your new favorite band.