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"Hey Amarillo" Podcast Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Jason Boyett

A podcast that has quickly become a cultural institution in the Texas Panhandle reached its one-year anniversary this month.

As of this week, Jason Boyett has interviewed 52 different people for his popular  “Hey Amarillo” podcast.

Boyett tells HPPR he initially considered the podcast as an experiment, to see if a limited geographic area could support a podcast micro-focused on it.

The experiment has succeeded far beyond his expectations, with thousands of unique downloads per month.

When asked to list his favorite guests, he named three: Tony Ensor, GM of the Amarillo baseball team, because Ensor agreed to be on the show in the middle of the public uproar over the team’s name; Julio Salazar, Amarillo DACA recipient, because Salazar “helped put a local, human face on a divisive political issue”; and Mayor Ginger Nelson, because she “admitted to eating hamburgers at Mexican restaurants.”

Boyett said other guests may have been more entertaining, but those three felt the most fulfilling as a journalist.