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Planting The Plains: Bag Worms

One of the more common enemies of junipers and arborvitae on the high plains, which is hatching at this very moment, is the bagworm.

Known for their hanging cocoons built from defoliated plant material, bagworm caterpillars can quickly overtake a landscape when left untreated.

This makes now, while the worms are still traveling and exposed, the perfect time for treatment. Tune in to this week's episode to hear more about how!

Anthony Reardon is the West Plains District Horticulture Extension Agent for Kansas State University, based in Scott City and Garden City. <br/><br/>His mission: to provide the folks in the High Plains with timely, yet timeless, research-based, reliable, horticultural information that can assist in bettering everyday lives by easing the burden of troublesome landscape issues.