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Planting the Plains

  • February is a great time for pruning of many different varieties of fruiting plants; why is this, and how do you do it best? You'll get the best results with a few simple tips, which we'll cover in this week's episode!
  • Larry Weishuhn aka Mr. Whitetail joins Luke this week and divulges one of his signature methods of cooking chicken thighs over very hot campfire coals. Connect with Luke through his website www.catfishradio.org
  • While we're thinking about the spring planting, this is a great time to be considering the ideal temperature ranges for your fruit trees. Ensuring that your plants won't suffer during a sudden cold snap, or that they're planted once the temperature range is best for their ideal growth, can make a big difference in the success of your planting. Learn more about tracking your trees' temperature range for ideal growing!
  • Spring flowering bulb emergence is just around the corner! But a lot of folks don't realize that spring flowering bulbs should be fertilized as they first emerge from the ground, not when they're blooming, because at this stage, they're more able to absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer...and it's wasted if you apply the fertilizer when the plant is already flowering. Learn more fertilizing tips in this week's episode!
  • Now that we're in the new year, it won't be long before the soil starts to soften, and it'll be time to plant this year's new garden. So now is a great time to think about what you'd like to plant, and to start growing seedlings in the warmer weather indoors, so that you'll be ready to transplant them once you're ready to start gardening for the year. With a little research, and some good time management, you can ensure that all of your intended crop is ready for planting at the same time!
  • Soil is the literal foundation of your plant’s growth, and seeing to its health will make a big difference in the success of your gardening. Learn what makes up your soil, how much to water, and how to optimize your soil’s pH balance for your chosen crop in this week’s episode!
  • Whether you’re new to gardening, or an old hand with two green thumbs, it’s important to consider the placement of your vegetable garden. Locating your garden where there’s good soil, ideal lighting, and moisture drainage will help your plants be nourished and grow in the best way possible. This week, we’ll discuss the things you should think about when planning your next planting season!
  • Take the time to read the information on your seed packets! You’ll learn a ton of useful tidbits about the best time to plant, what type of light your plants require, how long to expect them to grow, and so on. This will also help you begin to compare the needs of various plants, and help you to time your harvests. This week, we’ll talk about what this information means, and how to get started on implementing what you learn!
  • What could be more exciting than having a living Christmas tree in your home during the holidays? But at some point after the relatives have left for home, it's "out with the old", and so eventually, the tree must go. This week, we'll talk about creative ways to dispose of your temporary houseguest!
  • Those of us who are in the habit of doing some garden work every day might get antsy during the winter weather, and one great cure for this is to create an indoor herb garden! This week, we'll talk about the best ways to get the herbs you enjoy, and how to create a hospitable environment for those you choose to grow.