Recounting the Dust Bowl over frozen burritos and Tecate beer in Guymon

Dec 24, 2014
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This past Thanksgiving, James Fallow, national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine, and his wife Deborah stopped in Guymon, Oklahoma as a “a most anticipated waypoint” on their cross-country trip by small plane. The object of their sojourn that day was the homestead of Caroline Henderson whose “Letters from the Dust Bowl were published in The Atlantic some 80 years ago. Deborah Fallows recounts their flight in, visit to the homestead and Thanksgiving dinner in Guymon in this piece:

Source: Theatlantic

This is a Day 3 report of our Thanksgiving week cross-country trip in our Cirrus, headed for California, where we'll be based for the winter to do west-coast reporting for our American Futures project. For previous installments, please see the accounts of Day 1 and Day 2.

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