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Luke Clayton

Outdoors Author
  • In this week's High Plains Outdoors Luke talks about a recent close to home hog home where he shot a tasty 40-pound pig and immediately put the meat on the smoker to cook all night at low temperature and the next morning turn his harvest into some very tasty Guisado.
  • This week, Luke is talking about a fun outing he enjoyed earlier in the week at the Cotton Ranch in Kaufman County with Edgar Cotton, Edgar's son David Cotton, Larry Weishuhn, Mr. Bo, and Lawrance Rice and his son Logan with LR3 SERVICES. (www.lr3services.com) The Rices have a drone business and assist landowners and hunters with game counts and hunts for non game species in Texas where the use of drones is legal for certain applications. Click and listen to Luke give an account of the evening.
  • In today's show, Luke talks about making "cowboy coffee' over a campfire and explains why the flavor is so much better. The key is getting the water boiling hot before adding the coffee grounds and then allowing the grounds to boil a couple minutes. Click to learn all about Luke's method of making coffee that is guaranteed to wake you up.... quick! Email Luke through his website www.catfishradio.org
  • Larry Weishuhn aka Mr. Whitetail joins Luke this week and divulges one of his signature methods of cooking chicken thighs over very hot campfire coals. Connect with Luke through his website www.catfishradio.org
  • Join Luke this week as he gives some tips on making a wilderness fishing trip to a fly in lake in Saskatchewan. Now is prime time to make plans for a trip this coming summer. For more information, visit www.tourismsaskatchewan.com . Feel free to email Luke through his website www.catfishradio.org, he will be happy to answer any questions you might have on fishing 'up north'!
  • This week, Larry Weishuhn (www.larryweishuhn.net) joins Luke to recap a deer hunt this past week out in west Texas. Contact Luke Clayton via email through his website www.catfishradio.org
  • Luke just returned from a west Texas late season deer hunt with his friend Larry Weishuhn. Larry and Luke recap the hunt in this week's High Plains Outdoors. Contact Luke through his website www.catfishradio.org
  • In this week's show, Luke gives some instructions on the preparation of one of his favorite camp recipes. Click and lean a simple but tasty Mexican dish that is a blend of burrito and taco. To learn more about Luke, visit his website www.catfishradio.org
  • Deer love grapes, that's the reason you see high fences around most vineyards. Luke's guest this week is Mr.Paul Moore with Vineyard Max www.vineyardmax.net . Paul devised a way to dry grape skins and incorporate them with grains to make a super effective deer attractant. Click to listen to this week's show.
  • This week, Luke gives some tips for loading game into a pickup or ATV. Back injury is a definite possibility, especially for older hunters when attempting to load game into the bed of a pickup. Listen to Luke's tips in this week's show, it might just save you some back problems. Listen to Luke's hour-long outdoor show at www.catfishradio.org.